Expertise in Earthworks, Steel Fixing, and Concrete Construction Across South Australia

Welcome to ASR Civil Pty Ltd - Your Trusted Partner in Civil Construction

Footing Construction

Expertly shaping landscapes for construction success.

Steel Fixing

Ensuring strength and precision in every structure.


Over 500 slabs Annually.

And More

Expanding horizons with diverse construction expertise.


In the spirit of trustworthiness, our cohesive team of 30+ professionals operates with integrity, reliability, and a shared dedication to excellence.

At ASR Civil, time reliability is not just a commitment but a promise—we meticulously plan and execute, keeping projects on track with precision.

Communication is the heartbeat of our process; we prioritize clear and effective communication to ensure seamless collaboration with clients, partners, and within our team.

Surpassing numerical milestones, our annual achievement of 500+ slabs is a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence in construction.

Our construction journey spans 15+ years, marked by invaluable experiences that shape our approach, making us leaders in delivering projects with unmatched proficiency.


Our projects range from residential to commercial, each telling a unique story of challenge, innovation, and success. Projects often present unique challenges, from intricate site conditions to tight timelines. We thrive on turning challenges into opportunities, employing our seasoned experience and innovative strategies to overcome every hurdle with precision.

Every project is approached with a fresh perspective, tailored to its distinct requirements. From customized solutions to innovative design approaches, our commitment to delivering uniqueness is unwavering.

Explore our project gallery to witness the breadth of our expertise, from intricate earthmoving to precise steel fixing and beyond.

More than 20 slabs


Our team thrives on precision—meticulously planning and executing each project with meticulous attention to detail. From the drawing board to the construction site, precision is ingrained in every step of our process.

Collaboration is the heartbeat of our success. With clear lines of communication and a culture that fosters teamwork, our professionals seamlessly collaborate with clients, partners, and each other to bring visions to life.

Diverse in skills and united in purpose, our team boasts expertise across various disciplines, from earthmoving to steel fixing and concrete construction.

Passion drives us, commitment defines us. Every team member is fueled by a passion for construction excellence, and our shared commitment ensures that every project exceeds expectations.